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WaterReveal Organic Architectural Waterfalls

Alright, we admit it: we don’t like bling. Sure, we use some high-tech processes and materials in the design and fabrication of our architectural waterfalls but if your looking for something that reminds you of Las Vegas we are probably not going to be a great fit. Good design always discovers that balance between good taste and appropriateness and the discipline of careful editing. We enjoy working with man-made materials like glass and stainless steel and for that matter synthetic stone veneer, even so they may be less than natural. It’s the juxtaposition of the dry stack stone veneer with a brushed stainless steel or mosaic glass tile facing that soften the entire water feature assembly and helps create a design that echoes nature. On occasions when a space is already visually heavy with natural materials like stone, an elegant glass or stainless steel water feature can act as the complementary and contrasting element that is needed to bring all of the materials and textures together. And then, in that context, we are completely satisfied.

Architectural waterfalls that are nearly as inspiring as nature.

Organic architectural waterfalls should be free of all chemicals and still maintain safe, clean, bacteria-free water at all times. We do not use harmful chemicals to maintain water quality in any of our indoor waterfalls. All of our water features are designed with ozone water purification for clean healthy water- naturally.

A well designed custom indoor water feature doesn’t necessarily need to incorporate stone to be organic but by considering the space that it is designed for, a more natural composition is achieved.

Let us help you find that organic indoor waterfall. custom architectural waterfalls water logo

Since 1999 Origin Falls has been designing and fabricating fine indoor architectural waterfalls with a commitment to quality and a healthy indoor living environment.

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indoor waterfall infection control using ozone

Architectural Waterfalls

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