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Reveal 6 Professional

Reveal 6 Pro TM
Indoor Water Feature Systems.

Professional Series 6: Pure simplicity & acoustics.

WaterReveal 6 professional indoor / outdoor Waterfall Systems™ are the only commercially available patented indoor waterfall systems to offer waterfall designs, engineered and assembled water feature components. Origin Falls patented the original indoor waterfall system™ nearly two decades ago and we continue to be the leader in indoor water feature innovation. Designed for new and existing construction, it features our patented indoor fountains and waterfalls components with custom factory installed mechanical equipment to create a complete and reliable system. This system minimizes on-site requirements while assuring custom, professional results. Available ready-to-install, our system is the most effective way to specify and build a high quality custom built-in waterfall and waterfall design at a fraction of the price and effort of a comparable commissioned, one of a kind contemporary water feature. Because our DYI indoor waterfall systems are built upon a proprietary and patented system, all of the detailing and engineering typically required to build indoor water features have been solved, thereby allowing the designer to concentrate on design. Construction professionals find Reveal 6 Pro indoor fountains and waterfalls very comprehensive to install with most installations requiring less than two days from beginning to completion. Our Reveal 6 Pro systems are designed to accommodate a variety of surfacing materials including granite, tile, glass and more. Our waterfall designs and WaterReveal 6 professional indoor / outdoor water feature systems provide a simple solution on how to build an indoor waterfall that is trouble free, reliable and user-friendly requiring minimal care and maintenance.

Reveal 6

the power of versatility

Designing a professional water feature has never been so easy. Our indoor waterfall systems give you freedom to achieve your design objectives without compromise. learn morefind out more about our indoor water features quality advantage

  • Splash-Free Guarantee
  • Acoustic Chamber
  • Inner Reinforcing Baffles
  • Custom Sizing
  • Welded Fittings
  • O3 Zone Pure Water System
  • Drain Pump System
  • Custom Sizing
  • Installed Mechanical
indoor fountains and waterfalls example

Reveal 6

pure efficiency

Custom size options standard with minimal order lead time. find the right systemfind out more about our waterform indoor fountains and waterfalls systems

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 4 to 6 Week Lead Time for Most Orders
  • Custom Size Options for Perfect Integration
  • Tile or Glass Facing System Options
  • Plumbing Fitting Locations Custom As Required
  • Installed Mechanical Equipment
  • O3 Zone Pure Water System Included
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration System Included
  • Drain Pump System Included
  • Component Drawings Included

Custom indoor / outdoor fountains and waterfall systems with reasonable lead times. On site on your schedule.


pro series 6

Our waterfalls include a patented and proprietary method of water capture that emulates the sounds of a natural stream bed and enhances the resonance of the falling water.
Every interior water feature is guaranteed not to splash when installed using approved facing materials- our water features can be detailed adjacent to finished wood casework with confidence.
We offer contemporary water features that are designed to be enjoyed, not maintained. Our indoor fountains and waterfalls are designed to minimize maintenance and provide years of trouble-free enjoyment.
Less is unquestionably more in the design of fine indoor fountains and waterfalls. At the design studio of Origin Falls, an unrelenting determination to refine the art of indoor water features is ongoing and a vital commitment to our clients. Our intuitive sense of balance, scale and proportion have helped us bring comfort to the lives of those who experience our Symphonies.
Only the finest materials are used in the fabrication of our indoor water features. Quality materials are necessary for long-term durability and lasting performance under the constant flow of water. We know how to build indoor fountains and waterfalls that will endure and perform flawlessly for years.
indoor fountains and waterfalls shop drawing designsSubmittals are expertly prepared by our experienced staff. We fully understand all construction types and use groups and as a result our water feature submittals and indoor water feature kits are accurately produced to integrate within the context of your building and construction detail requirements. Shop drawings for how to build an indoor waterfall typically include plans, sections, elevations and large scale details shown within the actual building location including relevant adjacency (shop drawings only). Our component drawings are included at no additional cost and are standard for every order. Detailed shop drawings are included as an option for all orders and pricing is based on the level of detailed required for each individual installation. Learn morefind out more about indoor waterfall designs
ozone water feature sanitation systemsOrigin Falls was first to introduce an ozone based water purification system designed specifically for purifying water in our water walls and we continue to innovate with our Pure Water Systems™ for indoor fountains and waterfalls. Designed into each of our indoor waterfalls are the most advance ozone sanitation systems. It is a well known fact that ozone effectively kills legionella. Since 2001 Origin Falls has been collaborating with a leading ozone system manufacturer to incorporate the latest ozone technology into all of our products. We have developed a system using proprietary technology that is completely reliable and low maintenance. Our ozone systems provide sanitation and disinfection in multiple applications, with no negative impact on the environment. These benefits accrue across all our core products, leading to lower costs, better health, protection from litigation, fewer negative outcomes, and knowing for sure that your sanitation requirements are met. Find out more about ozone and ozone water purification and how we exceed industry standards: water purity control for indoor waterfallsinfection control for indoor fountains and waterfalls in hospitals
Our waterfalls include as optional equipment a simple to maintain reverse osmosis water purifying system specifically design for our diy indoor waterfalls and indoor fountains and waterfalls systems.
Our built-in drain pump system includes a small auxiliary pump that is internally connected to the lower basin overflow drain to provide for simple mechanical removal of the water feature water for the purposes of maintenance and routine cleaning. This pump can also be programmed to automatically remove a small quantity of water from the reservoir and replenish it with fresh water at intervals determined by the user.
Friendly and knowledgeable support is available prior to purchase and for the life of your indoor fountains and waterfalls. Our excellent support is one of the many reasons for our success. Find out how to build a waterfall and more about our waterfall designs.
Our indoor fountains and waterfalls systems are designed and fabricated entirely by our staff at our Boston Massachusetts facility.

Reveal 6 Indoor Fountains and Waterfalls

The WaterReveal 6 water feature systems are fabricated using only quality materials. Each contemporary water feature lower basin is fabricated with a minimum of two interior baffles for rigidity and strength. Most of the required mechanical equipment for our indoor waterfalls is installed along with all internal plumbing. This simplifies on site coordination, and installation time is significantly reduced. All of our architectural water feature components are fully tested after assembly and prior to shipping. We use only the finest mechanical equipment in our indoor fountains and waterfalls including pumps that are virtually silent and energy efficient. In fact, our average water feature typically consumes less than 300 watts. All internal piping and fittings are schedule 80 PVC, stainless steel or PEX and are completely resistant to corrosion. Find out more about how to build indoor fountains and waterfalls today!