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Reveal 6 Pro

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We take extra care in designing and fabricating the finest custom indoor waterfalls. Image 130 is an example of one of our typical indoor water features designed for low maintenance and trouble-free reliability. Every water feature we build includes the most advanced ozone water systems for clean water and a healthy, chemical-free environment. Origin Falls has been designing and producing indoor water features since 1999 with a focus on providing high quality indoor waterfalls at reasonable prices. Quality is a responsibility we take seriously and we want you to experience the difference. learn moreImage 130 from Origin Falls Gallery

  • Advanced indoor water feature acoustics from our proprietary and U.S. patented system.
  • Built-in ozone water purification system that eliminates bacteria.
  • Low-maintenance, trouble-free performance 24/7.
  • Durable stainless steel water feature construction.

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