Water Feature Ideas 2: Dental Practice

living with nature.

Waiting Room

falling water indoors:

This glass tile waterfall for a dental office waiting area was incorporated into a larger stone wall veneer assembly. The water feature is simple yet elegant. Quality is a responsibility we take seriously and we want you to experience the difference.
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  • Splash-Free Guarantee
  • Acoustic Chamber
  • Inner Reinforcing Baffles
  • Custom Sizing
  • Welded Fittings
  • O3 Zone Pure Water System
  • Automatic Drain Pump System
  • Custom Sizing
  • Installed Mechanical
  • Indoor Waterfall Type: WaterReveal 6 Water Feature Systems- tile
  • Materials: Mosaic glass tile, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Dimensions: 60″ x 14″ x 96″ finish assembly dimensions

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Mosaic Glass Tile Indoor Waterfall: Reveal 6 Pro

WaterReveal 6.0 Indoor waterfall Systems™

Simple, elegant, and; yes: sounds wonderful! what more could you ask? Well, like all of our architectural water features, it just happens to be extremely energy efficient and very low in maintenance due to our reverse osmosis water purification and ozone water purity systems. Our Reveal 6 Pro Water Feature Systems offer the most comprehensive kit-of-parts to build a professional quality indoor waterfall like water feature ideas 1 featured here.

How to Build an Indoor Waterfall

The mechanical equipment is accessed from the lower base cabinet where servicing of filters is convenient and trouble-free. The required dry mechanical area is minimal and only takes a small area within the cabinet. In addition, the mechanical area requires no ventilation since there is no heat produced by the equipment. This custom indoor water feature, water feature ideas 2, was fabricated using our WaterReveal 6 Water Feature Systems for Tile. When you want to bring nature indoors there is no better option than one of Origin Falls’ fine indoor waterfalls. Experience our “Symphony for the Senses”™ for yourself. Questions? Contact Us: 1-877-879-0791

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