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Water Feature Systems

WaterReveal indoor waterfalls and custom indoor and outdoor water features by origin falls

Custom outdoor / indoor water features.

WaterReveal 6 professional indoor / outdoor waterfall systems offer the most reliable, lasting and cost effective method to producing stunning and flawless custom water features for any space- inside or out. Installation is very comprehensive requiring minimal onsite coordination.

Discover the better way to build custom outdoor / indoor water features… Reveal 6 Professional.


Outdoor / indoor water feature systems designed and engineered for sound and motion

Reveal 6: The next generation of water feature systems

Reveal 6 Pro

waterfall systems

We take extra care in designing and fabricating the finest custom indoor waterfalls. Every water feature we build is equipped with the most advanced ozone water purification system for clean water and a healthy, chemical-free environment. Quality is a responsibility we take seriously and we want you to experience the difference. learn morefind out more about our indoor water features quality advantage

  • Advanced acoustics from our proprietary and U.S. patented system.
  • Splash-free water feature designs- including large-scale installations.
  • Built-in ozone water purification system that eliminates bacteria.
  • Low-maintenance, trouble-free performance 24/7.
  • Precision welded stainless steel construction.
  • Comprehensive and trouble-free installation.
  • Unlimited professional phone support.

Reveal 6 Pro Water Systems

O3 Zone: standard on all Reveal 6 Pro Systems

Clean Pure Water

Reveal 6 Pro water purification systems:

Available exclusively from Origin Falls.

In 2001 Origin Falls developed an effective purity control system for our indoor water features specifically for the purposes of maintaining water sanitation. We were first to introduce an ozone based sanitizing system for use with indoor water features and we continue to lead on how to build a waterfall using the most advanced water purity systems.

Our indoor waterfalls are installed and operating in many hospitals throughout the country effectively using the ozone sanitation system we developed. Our proprietary ozone system is installed in every water feature we build regardless of the installation and we take water purity very seriously. We want you to have the confidence required to specify our indoor waterfalls in your next health care facility or hospital environment. learn moreinfection control for indoor waterfalls in hospitals and health care facilities

  • Ozone is “active oxygen”, nature’s special molecule (an ozone molecule consist of three oxygen atoms).
  • Ozone is created in nature by the combination of oxygen in the air and ultraviolet rays or by the electrical discharge during a lightning storm.
  • Ozone is a natural purifier (meaning no harmful or chemical by-products are created during purification).
  • Ozone has a clean, fresh scent – the same scent noticed after a rain storm. Our waterfall designs take advantage of ozone purification.
  • Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer that can be safely used in a swimming pool, spa, or indoor waterfall designs.
  • Ozone is the alternative water purifier to traditional and architectural water feature chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.
  • learn moreozone infection control for indoor waterfalls

build indoor water features for walls example

we really appreciate our customers

…and they really appreciate us.

I just wanted to let you know that our water feature looks amazing! We could not be happier with it and it fits perfectly as a wall between our reception area and small conference room.
Money well spent!

Cindy S., Controller, Robertson & Olson Construction, Inc. Camas WA

The water feature at the new Hospice House is beautiful – so we appreciate your work!

Thank you!

Traci R., Chief Operating Officer, Deaconess Health System Evansville, IN