Waterfall Systems: Series 7

The original indoor water feature systems

The Reveal 7 Professional Outdoor / Indoor Water Feature Systems are engineered and designed to accommodate custom waterfall designs including custom widths and variable height increments. This flexibility in waterfall design height simplifies coordination with ceiling heights, wall cladding and casework for truly integrated high end detailing. Our architectural water feature systems add a sublime quality of relaxation and value to any space. Our contemporary water features system may be installed in any space including the home, office, lobby, waiting room, conference room, health care facilities, restaurants, and any other public or private space that would benefit from the sounds of falling water. We know how to build indoor water features that are designed to integrate perfectly.

Professional Quality, Simple Integration

All Reveal 7 Pro architectural water feature systems are designed to accept a variety of pump sizes to accommodate virtually any installation. All pumps are acoustically isolated to minimize mechanical sound and all mechanical equipment integration has been designed for long-term servicing and trouble free replacement.  It has never been easier to build indoor water features that integrate so perfectly with casework and adjacent finishes.

Initiate Your Order

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Inspiration can come from many sources but knowing where to begin can make things a bit easier. Detailing custom casework as well as specifying finishes around the Reveal 7 Pro systems is simple due to the versatility of the systems and custom sizes available. It is our belief that simple is better. Now you can build indoor water features and design a truly custom indoor waterfall without difficulty and at reasonable cost. WaterReveal 7 Pro Water Feature Systems are custom built to order with mechanical specifications and configurations to coordinate with your building and waterfall design requirements. Pumps used in all of our diy indoor waterfalls are quality asynchronous, variable speed for precise flow control from an optional wall-mounted rheostat. Ordering and designing a custom indoor or outdoor water feature has never been so easy.

Step 1

Request an itemized estimate for review / approval. upon acceptance your order will be entered.

Step 2

Upon receipt of deposit, submittals will be produced and sent via email in PDF format ‘D’ size, 24” x 36” for review and approval prior to fabrication.

Step 3

Fabrication begins immediately upon receipt of submittal approval. Your order will be fabricated to exact specifications based on approved shop drawings / submittals.

A better water feature: Reveal 7

The process involved in ordering a water feature is as simple as requesting an itemized estimate and we will begin your order on your approval and deposit. All estimate are typically base on your design: sketches, construction document details or even simply dimensions if a design has not been determined.  In addition, please specify the indoor waterfall system type (glass or tile). Find out today how simple it is to build indoor water features for any space. Choose Origin Falls for reliable and safe indoor waterfalls.

  • Send us a copy your design intent, construction documents and /or required overall dimensions.

  • Specify your water feature system type (Reveal 7 glass, Reveal 7 Tile).

  • A one-page itemized estimate will be prepared and emailed to you, typically within 24 hours.

  • Your order will be initiated and entered upon receipt of 50% deposit.

  • Submittals will be produced within two business days. Custom Orders within one week.

  • Fabrication begins upon receipt of submittal approval.