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We want to make your ordering experience as pleasant and convenient as possible.

Build Something Beautiful

From the moment you contact us, Origin Falls is committed to your total satisfaction- discover why.
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We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions over the past 18 years.

Installation Questions

If your questions are not answered here please contact us to discuss your specific questions.
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We have extended our library of indoor waterfall CAD details for Architects and Interior Designers.

AutoCAD Files

All drawings are AutoCAD and DXF formats and earlier versions are also included for convenience.
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The WaterReveal 6 water feature systems have been carefully designed for minimal maintenance- YES!

Simple Maintenance

Our waterfalls typically require replacing filters and minimal annual cleaning- simple as that!
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Pro Support

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Ordering Your Indoor Water Feature

specifying and ordering a fine indoor waterfall:

Specifying an indoor waterfall should not be difficult and neither should ordering one.

Our work doesn’t stop at the loading dock. After the many hours we have spent building your indoor waterfall, we want it to arrive in perfect condition. We carefully crate each water feature system in our facility and supervise the loading. Our architectural water features are routinely shipped throughout the United States, Canada and many other locations beyond North America. Our freight contractors are experienced in moving high value merchandise and the care needed to deliver our contemporary water features. In the unlikely event that an order is damaged in transit, we will take full responsibility for repairing or replacing all items including filing any claims. All of our water feature systems are crated in secure, fully enclosed crates designed to prevent damage in transit. Our water wall construction details and our methods on how to build an indoor waterfall allow us to confidently ship by land or sea container virtually anywhere in the world.

Specifying and ordering made simple.

  • Call us to discuss your proposed water wall construction details or send us an email to contact you at a time that is convenient for you.
  • email your proposed design in plan, section, elevation, sketch, photo, or anything that would help to convey the intent.
  • One of our designers will review your design and reply with recommendations and / or water wall construction details and suggestions.
  • Determine if your waterfall will have water flow over a glass surface or over a tiled surface.
  • We will prepare a one-page itemized estimate for your review. Without obligation- ever.
  • If the estimate is satisfactory and you would like to move forward with the order, we will send you an invoice for the required deposit.
  • Once your deposit is receive we will email an order acknowledgement to you and begin work on the component drawings or submittals.
  • Component drawings or shop drawings (depending on order type) will be sent to you via email for review and approval prior to fabrication.
  • Once the water wall construction details are approved, your order will be fabricated on schedule according to our estimated lead time as noted on your estimate.
  • You will be notified one week prior to shipping that your order is nearing completion.
  • Your order will be carefully tested and then crated for delivery by one of our trusted carriers.

We want to make your experience purchasing one of our fine indoor water features as pleasant and convenient as possible. From the moment you contact us, Origin Falls is committed to your satisfaction. Simply call us between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 PM (EST) and we will gladly answer any questions regarding water wall construction details or place your order. You can also fax or e-mail inquiries 24 hours a day. water wall construction details logo









Superior Engineering

the reason why there is no need to offer installation:

Water feature systems designed for installation without specialized skills.

Properly engineered ‘system’ products, by design, do not require specialized skills to be installed correctly. Origin Falls’ water feature systems are designed with the installer in mind and with an emphasis on simplicity utilizing standard construction practices every step of the way. We know that our systems are comprehensive to install and the proof is in the end result and the fact that we seldom receive questions from installers during installation. The overpriced ‘specialized’ installation services that others sell are simply a result of products that are ill-conceived, difficult to install and consequently difficult for the end user to maintain without the same specialized knowledge.

Why purchase a product specifically designed for complexity that requires a buyer to pay a premium just to have it installed correctly? If that doesn't seem quite right to you, well your not alone since it doesn't make much sense to us either. Paying more for on-site installation by so-called ‘specialist’ may provide little more than a false sense of security and is completely unnecessary. Choose Origin Falls' WaterReveal 6 water feature systems instead and discover the cost savings and freedom to install your water feature anytime convenient to your construction schedule- no additional scheduling or coordination required.

Origin Falls offers superior engineered water feature systems free from specialized installation requirements. Our indoor waterfalls are designed for installation by local contractors- the same professionals you already know and trust. Our indoor water feature systems are specifically designed to allow any contractor the ability to install with ease and confidence.


Indoor waterfall installation: Engineered to be simple and cost effective.




General Questions

Installation to care

Our waterfalls include a patented and proprietary method of water capture that emulates the sounds of a natural stream bed and enhances the resonance of the falling water. The sound level is a function of the flow rate and water level of which both can be adjusted and fine-tuned to your preference. Sound levels from virtually silent to quite audible is possible. Our water wall construction details allow for precise tuning of the water flow and sound level.

No. Generally speaking, indoor wall water features designed and sold as “self-contained” or “free standing” cannot be effectively treated to meet infection control standards of hospitals and medical facilities. This this the primary reason that we discontinued our free-standing series in 2004.

Yes, but only under certain conditions, water wall construction details, construction types and geographical location due to freeze-thaw issues. Our Reveal 6 Pro stainless steel components are approved for most exterior work and water wall construction details.

Required maintenance is minimal and typically requires filter replacement every 6 months and only annual cleaning of the basins due to the various water purification methods we employ in each and every water feature we build. It really is that simple!

Lead times vary depending on the scope and complexity of the water wall construction details. Most orders are fabricated within 4 to 6 weeks of submittal approval. Lead time for shop drawings / submittals is typically two days.

Installation time will vary depending on the type, water wall construction details, size of the water feature and the context of the installation. Our standard indoor wall water features would require approximately 20-30 man-hours however this is only a very rough estimate and your installation may vary considerably.

ozone water feature sanitation systemsOrigin Falls was first to introduce an ozone based water purification system designed specifically for purifying water in our water walls and we continue to innovate with our Pure Water Systems™ for indoor wall water features. Designed into each of our indoor waterfalls are the most advance ozone sanitation systems. It is a well known fact that ozone effectively kills legionella. Since 2001 Origin Falls has been collaborating with a leading ozone system manufacturer to incorporate the latest ozone technology into all of our products. We have developed a system using proprietary technology that is completely reliable and low maintenance. Our ozone systems provide sanitation and disinfection in multiple applications, with no negative impact on the environment. These benefits accrue across all our core products, leading to lower costs, better health, protection from litigation, fewer negative outcomes, and knowing for sure that your sanitation requirements are met. Find out more about ozone and ozone water purification and how we exceed industry standards: infection control for indoor waterfallsinfection control for indoor water features in hospitals

We guarantee that our glass waterfalls will not splash provided that 1/2″ clear tempered, non-textured glass is installed. Tile surfaced water features have a potential to splash if an inappropriate tile or stone slab facing is installed. Please be aware that tiles of uneven thickness or irregular in surface may likely cause splashing! To reduce the probability of splash, install tiles that are consistent in surface texture and thickness such as polished granite tile and install with minimal and flush grout joints. Please contact Origin Falls if you have questions on selecting an appropriate tile or stone slab facing material for your installation.

We are happy to assist designers in developing a design and water wall construction details for a custom water feature that will meet their budget and design intent. We never work on commission and our phone assistance is provided with no obligation at all. Many designers and Architects have specified our products after working with us on preliminary design and we certainly appreciate that but we don’t expect it.

Yes. We have designed and fabricated several indoor and outdoor fountains with water wall construction details that include indoor water features combining fountain technology, nozzles and lighting.

Our water features are designed to be installed by the construction trades with no difficulty at all. Since most orders include our detailed shop drawings, all critical dimensions and water wall construction details are resolved in advance for easier on site coordination. Unlike our competitors, we are reluctant to sell installation ‘supervision’ due to the cost and overall ineffectiveness of this service. Instead we prefer to assist our customers’ contractors at no cost over the phone six days a week… and it works wonderfully.

Our indoor wall water features and system components are covered for a period of one year to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. Our pumps have a two year manufacturers’ warranty. Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy of our limited warranty.

Mechanical P/E

Plumbing and electrical

No, but we highly recommend it. Connecting your water wall the the building water supply has many advantages with reduced maintenance being the most important. Manually refilling a water feature can be labor intensive and messy not to mention just plain inconvenient. Most indoor wall water features will evaporate 5 or more gallons per week depending on conditions and inconsistent water levels will cause inconsistent water sounds. A 1/2" cold water supply is typical. Refer to our typical mechanical specifications

Requirements vary depending upon size of water feature and water wall construction details however most installations are serviced easily with a 15 Amp GFCI circuit. Refer to our typical mechanical specifications

Typically, yes and it is highly recommended- not only for overflow protection but for minimizing required maintenance.

Every order includes a printed copy of our detailed and illustrated installation guides. We offer a separate installation guide specifically for the water feature type- tile or glass and each installation guide takes the installer through the entire installation process, step by step. Our installation guides are not available for download however you can preview the guides at any time here: View our installation guide previews

On average a typical water feature will consume approximately 20 to 40 gallons per week. The water is consumed by normal evaporation and a small quantity by our automatic refresh system.

It is normal to experience a steady flow of water into the drain from the reverse osmosis system while water is being filtered. Once the indoor wall water features is in equilibrium, and no additional make-up water is required, the reverse osmosis system will stop discharging the mineral-laden hard water.

Yes. All water wall construction details include an automatic fill device that is designed to regulate the proper water level automatically. The auto-fill is installed into the lower basin and connected internally to an external fitting on the lower basin for easy on-site connections.

Only for the cold water supply from the building to the reverse osmosis system and no further. The reverse osmosis water filtration process leaves water low on the pH scale (acidic) and can over time corrode metal pipe. Water purified by ozone as Origin Falls employs is very corrosive to metal and some polymers. For these reasons we recommend using only schedule 40, schedule 80, CPVC or PEX tubing in the installation and water wall construction details for all indoor wall water features.


CAD Library

autoCAD files for download:

Download one or all four water feature types for use in your construction documents.

We believe that in order to detail a design properly you need accurate information and that means hard-lined drawings and specifications. We offer a comprehensive library of CAD files for indoor water features carefully detailed to the extent needed to prepare your construction documents properly and accurately. Helping Architects to provide bidding contractors accurate and understandable design information is our goal. A water feature not clearly specified and detailed will inevitably lead to confusion and inflated line-item estimates. We know this and this is the reason we are happy to offer architects and designers the information they need, when they need it, and without the sales pitch or obligation- ever. If for any reason you cannot find the information you need to detail your indoor waterfall design contact us and someone from our engineering department will be happy to assist you.

Specifying and detailing made simple.

Reveal 6



water wall construction details for tile water features made of acrylic

water wall construction details for tile water features made of acrylic


Water Feature Care

simple care for indoor waterfalls:

Water feature systems that are aggressive on sanitation and easy on you.

Engineered indoor water features that are nearly maintenance-free. Of course no waterfall is completely free from periodic maintenance, however when designed and equipped with the proper water purification and sanitizing systems, required service is minimized. Our indoor waterfalls generally require servicing every six months for routine cleaning and filter replacement. All waterfall designs are equipped with an automatic refresh system that effectively removes stale water and residual debris resulting from the oxidation from our ozone water purification process.Since the facing material is constantly washed with water, some mineral build-up may become evident over time. Simply turn the waterfall off and all other mechanical equipment and wipe the surface with a cloth using a mild household bleach / water cleaning solution. Residual bleach within the waterfall basin will augment the sanitizing effects of our Pure Water System™. The waterfall basin can be easily cleaned at any time by removing all water mechanically using the built-in auto refresh system. The basin should then be thoroughly washed with a mild bleach / water cleaning solution (annually). Check all ozone components for wear and operation as required (annually). Replace reverse osmosis system filters as required for your indoor water walls or architectural water feature system (biannually). We do have our standard owners’ operation and maintenance manual covering our water wall construction details and it is included with each indoor waterfall order. Due to proprietary content however, we cannot offer this information as a download. If you have specific questions regarding the operation and maintenance for your indoor waterfall design please contact one of our customer service representatives or e-mail your questions and we will be happy to help.

WaterReveal 6 Indoor waterfall maintenance: Engineered to be simple.