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Sound + Motion

Origin Falls, founded in 1995, is an indoor waterfall design and manufacturing company whose mission is to produce fine indoor water features for commercial, hospitality, business, health care and residential installations of all sizes. Our primary market is North America however our indoor waterfalls can be found in many locations throughout the world including Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica, The Bahamas, The United Kingdom, and as far away as Australia and Singapore. Our products are designed for installation by contractors with an emphasis on an intuitive approach that enables our domestic and international customers to work confidently with their own local contractors.

We employ a direct sales approach to provide the highest quality and better value to all of our customers by eliminating the cost associated with sales commissions, and loss of quality control by distribution of products through 3rd party re-sellers. Equally important to value is skilled craftsmanship and thoughtful detailing. When you purchase custom indoor water walls or one of our WaterReveal™ 7 professional indoor water feature systems direct from Origin Falls, you can expect that our exacting standards will be consistent throughout the waterfall assembly along with workmanship and customer service that strives to exceed expectation. We are also proud to boast that all of the indoor waterfalls we design and manufacture are made by Origin Falls in Massachusetts and that all of our products are subjected to strict quality control measures from initial design to fabrication and shipping. When you contact Origin Falls you will be connected with knowledgeable representatives who will answer your general or technical questions without obligation. Unlike our competitors, we know and understand all construction types and use groups thereby providing our customers a level of professional service beyond just sales. We are as passionate about design and construction as we are of water features- not surprising then that our water feature design, as a matter of practice, is coordinated perfectly to construction document detailing and specifications.

Contemporary indoor water walls that sound as wonderful as they look

Contemporary water features that sounds as good as they look are not easily achieved. We have taken acoustical cues from natures’ waterfalls to produce the most pleasant and natural sounding indoor water walls. Our patented method of water capture was developed by analyzing the nuances of water moving over a stream bed. All of the Reveal 7 Professional Indoor Waterfall Systems™ and our custom indoor water features include our proprietary acoustic chamber as a vital component and our commitment to a higher standard.

Indoor water walls installed