Indoor Water Feature Gallery

Reveal Series

Reveal 7 professional indoor water feature systems™ can be manufactured to any custom width between 40″ and 142″ with custom heights to 20′ and more. Reveal 7 Pro Tile and Glass Systems have been engineered with the designer in mind and as a result integration with adjacent custom finishes and casework is very comprehensive. Reveal 7 Pro™ Glass is an excellent design option for all types of spaces and especially installations requiring transparency and applied artwork such as custom etched business logos or artwork. Reveal 7 Pro™ Tile Systems are a value-engineered solution for large scale installations and the best option for high-lift water feature designs. Tile surfaced water features create a unique visual impact with color, movement and variety of patterns. The Reveal Series indoor / outdoor water feature systems have evolved over the past 16 years to become the most trusted and reliable water feature systems available anywhere. With our Reveal 7 Pro Systems™ it is now possible to design a high-end indoor water feature with confidence that it will not only integrate easily into your space but, perhaps most importantly, perform beautifully for years to come. The images shown below within our indoor water feature gallery are a sampling of the many installations we have completed. Most indoor waterfall installations shown have been designed using our Reveal Series™ professional indoor / outdoor water feature systems in a completely unique context with no customization required of our standard waterfall component sections.