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Custom Waterfall Designs

We are specialist in the design and fabrication of custom indoor water features for any space. Our contemporary water features are designed around proven methods of fabrication and detailing that we have developed and incorporated into every project. Our waterfall designs have included installations in major hospitals, airports, clinics, doctors’ offices, spas, corporate lobbies, restaurants, hotels, exhibits, extended care facilities, private homes and places of worship. Our production abilities include CNC water jet and laser fabrication of glass, stone, stainless steel and solid surfacing materials. All Origin Falls custom indoor water features are engineered for the most demanding infection control environments by utilizing an effective ozone water purification and sanitizing system supplemented with an integrated pump driven drainage system for routine maintenance. Every architectural water feature is fabricated to include, as standard equipment, our propriety ozone water purification system and reverse osmosis water filtration that combine to produce reliable and effective water quality.

Most of our indoor water features are fabricated to order, therefore modifications required to achieve a uniquely custom installation are usually no trouble. To maintain cost efficiency however we typically detail our architectural water features from our standard components- without deviating from the design intent of each individual interior water wall concept. This cost efficient approach allows us to produce truly custom work at very reasonable price points.

Since 1999 Origin Falls has been designing and fabricating fine indoor waterfalls with a commitment to quality.

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natures’ finest element


Expanding Space

origin falls' fine custom indoor water features in a dental office

Water Windows

expanding / dividing your space.

Creating a translucent separation between space is a wonderful way to provide privacy while visually expanding floor areas. Other advantages include:

  • Motion to Enliven Space
  • Acoustic Interest and Privacy
  • Better Distribution of Light
acrylic custom indoor water features in a dental office

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custom glass indoor water features for a dentist office

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Water Imagined

your tabula rasa.

Designing a custom indoor waterfall is now easier than ever. We understand architecture and we ‘get’ good design and, like you, we are not about to settle for mediocrity. If your construction allowance is more limited, our water feature systems may be the perfect solution. learn morefind out more about our indoor water feature system components

  • Splash-Free Guarantee
  • Acoustic Chamber
  • Inner Reinforcing Baffles
  • Custom Sizing and Materials
  • Installed Mechanical
  • O3 Zone Pure Water System
  • Automatic Refresh
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pro Design Development Support
  • Designed for Glass or Tile
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A better way to build a
custom indoor water feature.

WaterReveal Pro Series 6

The next generation of indoor water features.

discover the benefits of WaterReveal water feature systems. learn morefind out more about our indoor water feature system components

Waterfall Fabrication

quality and precision: Reveal 6

All of our design work is performed by our own staff using the latest version of AutoCAD ensuring seamless integration with architectural construction documents and coordination between trades. We have the knowledge and experience to efficiently translate design intent to a fully developed and functional design. We know that you rely on your consultants to understand two-dimensional drawings and work closely with you to get it right the first time with minimal changes required. The fact that we understand construction documents means that we will not be requiring your valuable time to interpret the details. You can rest assured that we will engineer your custom indoor waterfall accurately from your original design with minimal information required initially. With the basic design information in schematic form- plan, elevation and section we can typically find the most efficient construction detailing to complement the overall context and construction details already being used elsewhere in the building. There really is no substitute for experience and our submittals are proof. Contact us to discuss how to build an indoor waterfall or to specify one of our custom indoor water features today!

Since 1999 Origin Falls has been designing and fabricating fine indoor waterfalls with a commitment to quality.


Indoor Water Feature Design

Flawless Waterfalls Every Time.

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