Custom Indoor Water Features

+ contemporary waterfall designs

We are specialist in the design and fabrication of custom indoor water features for any space. Our contemporary water features are designed around proven methods of fabrication and detailing that we have developed and incorporated into every project. Our waterfall designs have included installations in major hospitals, airports, clinics, doctors’ offices, spas, corporate lobbies, restaurants, hotels, exhibits, extended care facilities, private homes and places of worship. Our production abilities include CNC water jet and laser fabrication of glass, stone, stainless steel and solid surfacing materials. All Origin Falls custom indoor water features are engineered for the most demanding infection control environments by utilizing our low-maintenance and effective ozone water purification and sanitizing system supplemented with an integrated pump driven drainage system for annual maintenance. Every architectural water feature is fabricated to include, as standard equipment, our propriety O3 Zone ozone water purification system and reverse osmosis water filtration that combine to produce reliable and effective water quality.

Most of our indoor water features are fabricated to order, therefore modifications required to achieve a uniquely custom installation are usually no trouble. To maintain cost efficiency however we typically detail our custom architectural water feature commissions around our proven Reveal 7 Professional™ System components- without deviating from the design intent of each individual interior water wall concept. This cost efficient approach allows us to produce truly custom work at very reasonable price points.

Custom indoor water features: case study

Waterfall + fountain design
Hilton Suites- atrium lobby water feature
Project submittals

Reveal 7 Pro Glass Specifications (PDF)
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Reveal 7 Pro

Custom Water Features

Reveal 7 Pro Systems: case study

Tower water feature design
Market Street PA- lounge water feature
Project submittals

Reveal 7 Pro Tile Specifications (PDF)
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Reveal 7 Custom

Indoor water feature systems designed and engineered for sound and motion

Reveal 7 Pro: The future of indoor water feature systems