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Professional Series 7: Attention to Detail

Good indoor waterfall design and detailing can mean the difference between a properly coordinated installation and, well, something less. That is why we consider our component drawings an essential part of each indoor water feature order. Illustrated below is an example of component drawings for a standard Reveal 7 Pro Glass order. Indoor waterfall design component drawings are produced for every standard Reveal 7 Pro system- glass or tile. Detailed shop drawings are optional and produced when additional detailing or coordination with adjacent construction is required. Detailed 3D shop drawings are produced for all custom, one-off, orders.

Reveal Series

Indoor waterfall design

Download CAD files for our Reveal 7 Professional water feature systems for tile or glass surfaces.

Indoor waterfall design illustrated here represents an example of just one of many design configurations and sizes possible for the Reveal 7 Pro water feature systems. Please note that your water feature design may differ significantly depending on your waterfall system type and scale.

Reveal 7


Indoor Water Feature Design

WaterReveal 7 Professional Indoor Waterfall Systems

At Origin Falls, indoor waterfall design is an essential component to the detailing, coordination and integration of professional built-in indoor water features for any installation. Our indoor waterfall design process typically begins from concept sketches, plans, sections and elevations provided to us by architects and designers and are carefully detailed to coordinate with each particular installation. Our extensive knowledge of building systems, building types, use groups and mechanical systems ensures the most accurate and comprehensive detailing that respects the original architectural indoor waterfall design intent.

The water feature information you need… when you need it.

We routinely assist architects and interior designers during the schematic and design development phases to accurately prepare their construction documents for basic mechanical and functional installation requirements such as rough openings. When you contact Origin Falls for technical assistance that is exactly what you will receive- knowledgeable technical support, not a sales pitch. Competent indoor waterfall designs and detailing is critical to the success of any significant indoor waterfall project. Our level of experience and attention to detail is a testament to our dedication to the art of indoor waterfall design.

Reveal 7 Pro

Construction + Standard Equipment

Reveal 7 professional stainless steel water feature systems feature all welded construction and stainless steel fittings. Every Reveal 7 Pro Water Feature System lower basin is fabricated with a minimum of two interior baffles for rigidity and strength. Most of the required mechanical equipment for our indoor waterfalls is installed along with all internal plumbing. This simplifies on site coordination, and installation time is significantly reduced. All of our architectural water feature components are fully tested after assembly and prior to shipping. We use only the finest mechanical equipment in our indoor waterfalls including pumps that are virtually silent and energy efficient. In fact, our average water feature typically consumes less than 300 watts. All internal plumbing and fittings are schedule 80 PVC or LLDPE polyethylene tubing and are completely resistant to corrosion.